Pods for K-Machine, Decaf (Medium) - 3 Boxes

When green technology meets delicious coffee, innovation becomes temptation.
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100% Organic
Freshly Roasted
Single Origin

Our Decaf coffee is from the region Veracruz in Mexico's Southeastern highlands, close to Guatemala's border. Beyond fabulous coffee, the region is famous for colonial fortresses and varied ecosystem of both sandy beaches and snowcapped mountains.

Fabula sources from the cooperative “Unión Regional de Pequeños Productores de Café Huatusco”, or, “small producers of Huatosco Coffee” (URPPC).
Founded in 1991, the URPPC seeks to genuinely improve the lives of its members. From the beginning, URPPC has sought ensure that coffee farming is holistic and provides a livelihood to all the farmers in the cooperative. They've accomplished this by setting a minimum price that does not follow the commodity market price. Second, they've established "best practices" for all farmers to have fully organic farms that also directly benefit the environment through stewardship and diversification. Lastly, the cooperative offers continued training to its members on topics of sustainability, traceability, and marketability. URPPC does a lot for its members and continues to find new outlets for their high quality specialty coffee. Fabula is proud to have their coffee in our portfolio.

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