Pods for K-Machine, Medium - 6 Boxes

When green technology meets delicious coffee, innovation becomes temptation.
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100% Organic
Freshly Roasted
Single Origin

Our Medium roast coffee is from the region Cajamarca in Peru's northern highlands, in the Andes Mountains. We source from the cooperative Cafe Solidarios. The coffee grows at altitudes of up to 7,000 feet, which is considered extreme. It is not an easy feat, but it pays off with complex, defined and balanced flavor notes.

Cafe Solidarios was founded in 2000 in response to mining companies who were encroaching on farming lands in Peru. What began as several producers coming together to stand in solidarity with one another has transformed into a large cooperative that supports hundreds of producers.

Over the last twenty years Cafe Solidarios has grown to support over 600 producers across the San Ignacio region of Cajamarca. The cooperative provides agricultural training to its members as well as financial assistance throughout the harvest. In addition to agricultural and financial support, Cafe Solidarios also promotes gender equality and youth involvement.

The cooperative has started a coffee-roasting program led by female producers to sell the coop's coffee in cities around Peru. For the youth, the cooperative has created a program to get young producers involved in the field to help with quality control, logistics, and agricultural development.

We are proud to have coffee from Solidarios in the Fabula portfolio.

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