Roaster’s Special: Bali

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The magic of coffee lies in the variety! Our very limited and unique offering from Bali!

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Roaster’s Special: Bali
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100% Organic
Freshly Roasted
Single Origin

Certified Organic & Non-GMO

Fabula coffee is always Certified Organic, Low-Acid, Single-Origin, Non-GMO, and freshly roasted right before arriving at your doorstep.

So please sit back and enjoy knowing that you're drinking pure & healthy coffee.

Coffee Details

Bali, Indonesia
Typica, Bourbon, Catimor Hybrid
Citrus fruits, aromatic wood, rosemary and thyme
Grapefruit, Rosemary, Cocoa Powder, Cedarwood

Fabula’s ‘seasonal offerings’ are limited, unique coffees and a great way for our fellow coffee-fans to try something different. They will always be clean, low acid, healthy and organic, because that is Fabula.

This seasonal offering is a completely unique coffee from Bali, Indonesia, in a very limited quantity.

“Fabula” means story. We believe every bean has a story to tell, connected to the regions, history, environments, and their farmers. Here is the story of our Bali offering:

Coffee was first spread from Ethiopia, and then to South American and Indonesia. It reached the Indonesian archipelago around the late 15th and early 16th century where it quickly spread and became a popular crop. Despite the popularity of coffee, there were entire areas of Indonesia that did not begin coffee production until hundreds of years later.

In Bali, coffee production did not become widespread until the turn of the 20th century. Today, coffee production in Bali centers around Subaks, or loose cooperative or collective associations of smallholder farmers formed around irrigation systems.

One can trace the roots of the subak tradition back more than 1000 years to Hindu priests who practiced the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, a principle promoting rightstanding between humans and other humans, humans and the environment, and humans and God.

The practical implication for the environment means no pesticides or unnatural fertilizers have ever been used, long before "organic" was even an idea.

Today, farmers participating in the subak system help their neighbors and maintain strict organic and environmentally conscientious practices. The varieties in this area tend to be a mixture of Bourbon and Typica, the first varieties to spread from Yemen, as well as the hybrid variety Catimor.

We are very proud of this extraordinary coffee - get yours now 😊

Always Freshly Roasted

We roast and bag right before we ship, so your coffee arrives fresh and at its peak every time.

Coffee made to enjoy; every sip. That is Fabula Coffee.

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