Drink Clean, Healthy Coffee

We are committed to bringing you coffee that’s better for you.

Fabula coffee is always Certified Organic, Low-Acid, Single-Origin, Non-GMO, and freshly roasted right before arriving at your doorstep.


Low-Acid & Easy on Your Stomach

We help coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs bring back their morning routine with no jitters, cramping, or burning!

Each pack of Fabula coffee contains beans from high-altitude, shade-grown, small-batch farms guaranteeing your coffee to be low-acid, smooth, and easy on the stomach.

We believe everyone deserves to enjoy a pure, clean, and healthy cup of coffee.


Single-Origin & Certified Organic

Every bag of Fabula coffee is single-origin, for high-quality and unique characteristics. We partner with small-batch organic coffee farms in South and Central America to always deliver the purest and healthiest coffee beans.

Always good & always freshly roasted and shipped from a USDA Certified Organic facility in the USA.