• Do you have a money-back guarantee? 

Yes. If, for any reason, you are not happy with your purchase, we'll make it right. That's how much we believe in our product. We will happily accept your return within 30 days of the sale date, and we'll give you a complete refund. Contact us at +1(844)-4FABULA aka (1-844-432-2852) or help@fabulacoffee.com

  • Is this a subscription service or a one-time purchase?

You can have it the way you prefer it! You can buy one time, you can buy several times, or you can set yourself up with a subscription with the frequency you desire. You can, of course, cancel the subscription at any time.

  • Does your coffee help with digestive issues, heartburn, and stomachache?

What causes coffee to "burn" in the stomach is acidic and unclean coffee. Our coffee beans are grown in the shade at high elevations by quality organic farmers. These factors make it low acidity and do not cause stomachache. Not only is our coffee low in acid, but it's also free of mold, chemicals, and pesticides. Our coffee is always clean and organic.

  • Why does freshness matter?

Coffee peaks around 2-3 weeks after roasting, and it goes stale after about two months. That is not something most coffee brands will tell you because they can sell stale coffee, especially if it sits on the shelf of distribution centers and retailers. We roast right before we ship, so your coffee is guaranteed to arrive fresh. It makes a big difference; the coffee is more flavorful and has a more robust aroma. Many of our customers have said they use less coffee when brewing and drink less: a good cup of coffee fixes their "coffee craving" with much less.

  • How does Fabula coffee differ from other coffee brands?

We are different in many ways! Fabula coffee is always clean, certified organic, Non-GMO, and sourced from small farms in small batches. Most importantly, our coffee is low in acidity, meaning it's much healthier and better for your digestive system. Did you know that coffee is one of the most polluted products we as consumers can buy? That's why we spend a great deal of our time finding clean coffee that is good for our bodies. Our coffee is always free of junk such as pesticides, mycotoxins, mold, and other chemicals. Not to mention we always ship as we roast. Since coffee peaks in flavor 2-3 weeks after roasting, most of the coffee you get in retail stores is already stale. With Fabula, you will always receive your coffee fresh and at peak flavor. In short: Fabula coffee is good for you, your family, good for the farmers, and our planet.

  • Why do I sense a slight change in my Fabula coffee from time to time?

We do not make industrialized and standardized coffee. Fabula coffee is artisanal, which means it's organic and dynamic. The flavors and aromas will change, even when it's from the same farm. This is due to various factors such as different seasons, harvests, and barometric pressures. Just as fine wine will taste different in various vintages, coffee will also vary. Many customers will not notice these subtle differences, but they are there, and we think that is part of the charm of coffee. We do not aim to manipulate the coffee to hit the exact same flavor year after year. We deliver it as nature provides it.

  • Where are your coffee plants grown?

We source our coffee beans from various small-batch, small organic farms, from different countries, and mostly from Latin America. Our coffee is grown in the shade at higher elevations, which is why it is low acidity and good for your stomach.

  • Can I use Fabula coffee in an espresso machine?

Absolutely! There is no such thing as "espresso beans." This is a popular misconception. For espresso, typically, a darker roast is used, and with a finer grind. Dark roast means the roasted bean contains less caffeine. Both our Dark and Medium roasts will fit perfectly for espresso. If you order whole beans, we recommend that you grind them slightly finer than usual for the best espresso.

  • Is Fabula coffee sold in stores?

No. That would compromise our mission to deliver fresh coffee as we would not know how long the coffee would be sitting on a shelf, and neither would you!