Our Coffee

Healthy Coffee - No More Stomachaches

Unclean, acidic coffee is not good for your stomach or health.

That's why Fabula coffee is shade-grown at extreme altitudes by quality organic farmers to bring you coffee that is low in acidity, which is much better for your body. There are no shortcuts, and this makes the coffee beans much more challenging to access and pick, but it's so worth it. You will be enjoying higher-grade, cleaner, healthier coffee that's smoother, rounder, and low-acid. Your body will thank you for it. No more stomachaches; drink coffee guilt-free, as you should.

Freshly Roasted - Coffee At Its Peak

Please don't waste your precious coffee moments with stale coffee that has lost its flavor and aroma delicacies. Coffee peaks only a few weeks after roasting; therefore, most coffee sold is already stale before you open the bag. At Fabula, your coffee is always freshly roasted. We roast and bag right before we ship, so your coffee arrives fresh and at its peak every time.

If you've never had truly fresh coffee before, you are in for a complete eye-opener—a whole sensory experience. From the moment you open the pack, you're greeted by the rich scent of freshly roasted coffee. Then, as you brew the perfect cup, a feeling of bliss will rush over you as the warm aroma fills the air. Finally, the anticipated taste of the first sip, full of its addictive flavor, so uniquely good, as intended by mother nature herself.

Coffee made to enjoy; every sip. That is Fabula Coffee.

Organic Coffee Beans – And Nothing Else (as it should be)

Did you know that conventional coffee can be one of the least clean food products?Many chemicals are used to increase yield on large-scale farms and create sun-resistance for a plant that originally prefers to grow in the shade. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, you name it. This is not the type of coffee we wanted to bring to you.

At Fabula, we do not mess with perfection. We only provide the purest, highest grade specialty coffee beans: Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO, and Fair Trade. Just as mother nature intended. Our coffee is not just better for the planet; it’s also better for you.

Single Origin - For Best Quality & Taste

One source, one truth. Where our coffee comes from is important to us, as it should be to you. We proudly source the best quality, single-origin coffee beans in the world. Not only is single-origin coffee considerably higher quality, it boasts unique and complex characteristics, giving you a taste of its origin. We let our coffee tell the story.

Small Farms & Even Smaller Batches - Fair Trade For All

We believe in Fair Trade; that's why we bring small farmers to you. When you enjoy Fabula Coffee, you can enjoy knowing that it offers environmental sustainability and well-being for small farmers.

Fair Trade improves their livelihood, and you get to enjoy clean coffee of the highest quality, taste, and nutrients.