This Low-Acid, Organic Coffee Will Bring Back Your Morning Routine Without The Heartburn and Stomach Pain...

Here’s how to bring back the morning routine with no jitters, cramping and burning…
Even if you skip the creamer & sugar.

100% Organic
Freshly Roast
Single Origin

Organic, no mold, low acidity…

“I switched to Fabula because I have mold allergies.Regular, even expensive whole bean coffee made me feel bad. Fabula just tastes great, so smooth... and gives me PEP for my day!Get a product as pesticide free as you can find. Must try this!”

Samantha S.

I can drink coffee again!!!

“It was absolutely delicious and so mild! No stomach upset and I even drank it on an empty stomach. I usually drink tea because coffee makes my stomach upset, but not this one!

I've been drinking coffee for years. About 10 years ago I started having gut issues, acid reflux. And had to give up coffee...

Traditionally coffee is high in mold so I was looking for a low acid, organic, clean (of mold) coffee and found Fabula. Glad to have my coffee fix back!

I can't go a day without Fabula ❤️"

Rebecca K.

Here is what makes our coffee better for you and for your family...


Fabula sources our coffee exclusively from organic, small holder farms. We only sell single origin coffee, because unlike coffee blends, there is no way to hide poor quality.

These smallholder farms are often placed very remotely, with poor infrastructure and very difficult to access. But the effort is so worth it once you brew it for your cup.


Fabula is low in acidity, which is not only milder for your system, but it also means a rounded and mellow cup, with no unpleasant sensation of harsh or burnt coffee.

The practice of mass-produced coffee makes it poor quality. For many people, this translates into acid reflux, uneasiness in the body and even cramps.

For your health, and especially if you have a sensitive stomach, you want to have 100% fresh, clean coffee that you can drink without fear of stomach aches or pains.


Every single bag of Fabula coffee is certified USDA organic.

We select the freshest coffee beans every single month from over 600 vetted organic farms.

This reflects in how it tastes, how it smells, how rich in antioxidants it is, and how healthy it is for you.


The shade-grown coffee is the traditional, old-school way of coffee farming.

As the coffee beans grow more slowly into the shade, it enhances the natural flavor of the coffee. That’s what it gives its incredibly rich, earthly flavor.

Since shade grown farmers use no chemical fertiliser, you get all the nutrients without the chemicals.

Even more, shade-grown farming helps keep the soil chemical free and supports a healthy ecosystem.

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Sourcing matters. We do not believe in large-scale industrial bean production. We source from small farms, artisanal-size batches, grown in the forest - the way coffee was originally grown.

By switching to an ethically sourced coffee:

  • You help small farmers respect their lands;
  • You help traditional growers to support their families through the hard work and expertise passed from parents to children;
  • And you help the soils, the forests and birds that are now in danger of habitat loss because of industrialised coffee.
Fairly traded

We support fair prices for great coffee and superior wages for farmers. We do that by using fair trading, which means we actively support farmers and sustainable, equitable terms for trading.


All our coffee is free from pesticides, mycotoxins, synthetic chemicals, Non-GMO and always Certified Organic.

Each coffee bag 12 oz. of pure, fresh coffee, with none of the mold, dirt or fillers typically found in conventional coffee...


We source our coffees from small holder farms that grow the beans the way Nature intended it.

They are not genetically manipulated or modified in any way: the very best Mother Earth can offer, without alterations.


Yes, coffee can be moldy. Mold, or the mycotoxins produced by mold, is commonly found in conventional coffee. We test our coffee at independent laboratories for more than 350 chemical compounds and mycotoxins. Our coffee is mold-free – guaranteed.

Studies have linked mycotoxins with a compromised immune system. They can also trigger chronic inflammation, which is the #1 cause of almost every life-threatening disease, according to World Health Organisation [6].

This is by far the best coffee I’ve ever had!

“I have gastroparesis and GERD. So being a coffee drinker from Louisiana where we drink chicory coffee it was hard for me to stop. I started drinking Fabula coffee and I haven't had any problem with my acidic problem.

I am not one to leave reviews but when something is this good you have to share!! I LOVE Fabula coffee. Absolutely will not buy anything else ever again.”

Victoria P.

Best taste and healthy too!

"I was ready to give up coffee but now I have Fabula!

I have had stomach problems and was thinking I shouldn’t drink coffee anymore. I am glad I found a product that doesn’t have all of the unhealthy stuff in it."

Niels J.

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Select your coffee in 3 easy steps

Choose your roast
  • Light Roast

    Bright and vibrant, intense and complex, with notes of praline and citrus.

  • Medium Roast

    Balanced and well rounded, medium body and a deep caramel sweetness.

  • Dark Roast

    Deep and rich, full bodied and round, with nutty and cedar flavors.

  • Decaf

    Retaining the full coffee flavor, but without the caffeine. Full bodied, nutty and rich.

Select your coffee type.
  • Whole Beans

    Pick whole beans and grind them to your preference of brew. Whole beans keep the freshness and the complex flavor for longer. Our coffee beans are roasted right before shipping for peak flavor.

  • Ground

    Pick freshly ground coffee if you prefer the convenience of not having to grind your coffee beans. Our coffee beans are roasted and ground right before shipping for peak flavor.

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